Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's Time to Think About the Water You Drink

If you are still drinking water straight from the tap, it's time to think twice about this practice. If you are purchasing bottled water because you know there are many problems with tap water, I'm sad to inform you that what you are drinking is probably just as bad as your tap water. As a matter of fact, it probably IS tap water. We have been drinking distilled water for over a decade, and wouldn't feel comfortable doing anything else on a regular basis. Tap water has all sorts of contaminants from living pathogens, to heavy metals, prescription drugs and chemicals. I'm sure like most Americans, you are under the impression that your water supplier is making sure your water is safe to drink. Unfortunately, even the EPA says that a certain level of contamination is okay. The more water you drink, the more contamination you are consuming. With a home water distiller, you get pure, fresh water with every gallon you distill from your own home. No more funky tasting water, no more carcinogens, and no more lugging home heavy bottles of water. A home water distiller is just common sense. Continue reading to learn more about water distillers. It is a "kitchen gadget" you will use everyday.