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Cooking with Distilled Water

Cooking with Distilled Water

There are many uses for distilled water, and most of those are in the kitchen. Have you explored the many uses of distilled water yet?
Use fresh, purified/distilled water to bring out the full-bodied flavor of all your favorite recipes. You'll notice the improved taste and appearance of everything you prepare- from steamed vegetables to delicious baked pies- made with homemade 100% distilled water. It enhances the natural flavor of foods and beverages, allowing the savory essence of herbs and spices to be released in soups and water-based sauces without competition from chlorine or other chemicals.
Impurities also raise the boiling point of water so distilled water will come to a boil more quickly than tap water. This saves time and energy.

Uses for Distilled Water in the Kitchen

  • Vegetables- There is noticeable taste improvement in vegetables when they are cooked in pure water. There is less discoloration and, naturally, contaminants are not introduced. Whether cooking or steaming fresh vegetables, always begin with distilled water.
  • Pasta/Rice- Another great application is pasta. Macaroni, noodles, and rice absorb more water than when cooked in ordinary tap water. They maintain better texture and flavor and are less likely to cling together.
  • Baking- Because of the absence of virtually all dissolved substances, distilled water is a better liquefier than tap water. Pure water absorbs slightly more flour giving the batter a better texture. Pastries, pancakes, breads, pizza dough and other batter recipes will taste better because of the absence of contaminants that could alter the flavor of other ingredients.
  • Canning- Purified/distilled water is excellent to use for canning and preserving food. Not only do fruits and vegetables retain a more natural color, but their flavor is better. Because the water is sterile, canners report more success in sealing jars and a much lower spoilage rate.
  • Sprouts/Grasses- When sprouting, purified/distilled water is excellent for germinating seeds such as wheatgrass, alfalfa or bean. Always soak seeds in pure water for 9-12 hours and then rinse them daily thereafter using distilled water. Water is your primary ingredient, so you surely want to use the purest water possible. You will achieve a faster and higher degree of germination and sprouts will grow free of contaminants found in ordinary tap water. Sprouts will also retain their crispness for a longer period of time.
  • Crystal Clear Ice Cubes- Due to the absence of impurities, there is a noticeable difference in ice cubes made from purified/distilled water. Not only are they more appealing because they are crystal clear, but they freeze harder and faster.
  • Reconstituting- When reconstituting dehydrated food, purified/distilled water is the WiseChoice® since only water was removed in the original process of dehydrating. This includes reconstituting prunes, raisins and other types of fruits and/or vegetables. Dehydrated foods will have a better "absorption rate" than with other waters because there is a greater difference in density between dehydrated food and distilled water than there is between dehydrated food and impure water. Therefore, there is more "pressure" for pure water to enter the dehydrated food.
  • Pure Drinks- When reconstituting any concentrate with 100% distilled water, such as orange, grapefruit or grape juice, you will notice a definite improvement. It tastes much closer to the fresh product. It is also possible to stretch the volume of your finished drink. Up to twenty-five percent more water can be added and still make a delicious blend. You will also use less coffee or tea than with tap water. Ordinarily, the amount used to make these beverages can be reduced by approximately one third, while still maintaining the rich flavor...a simple way to reduce cost.

Pure Tips

  • Pre-wash all ingredients in purified/distilled water to ensure clean, safe food preparation.
  • Preserve valuable food nutrients by washing food instead of peeling.
  • Use only fresh, pure water to enhance natural flavors and eliminate distasteful chemicals.
  • Always use ice cubes made with purified/distilled water.
  • To preserve texture, taste, and nutritional value use only homemade 100% steam distilled.

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