Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What are YOU drinking?

This morning at batting practice, I had to drink some bottled water due to my poor planning. While it could have been much worse (and it sometimes is), I noticed that the water tasted an awful lot like carrots. Yes, carrots. How weird, I thought.

And then I thought about the last time I had to drink some bottled water and how it smelled when I raised it to take a chlorine.

So this morning I started thinking about how many people out there are still drinking the "unknown" also know as "bottled water," because there really is no telling what's in those things...

Some of it is tap water. It says "municipal sources" on the bottle. Some of it is spring water. Some is distilled, reverse osmosis, or filtered. But ALL of it is HIGHLY unregulated. I have purchased bottled distilled water before, and it tasted nothing like my home distilled water I purify myself. Why is that?

So anyway, I started this blog to let people know that not only do you drink SAFER water when you distill it yourself, but you also save money! (Not to mention getting rid of all those pesky plastic bottles you've been lugging home all this time.)

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