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Why Distilled Water?

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One of the best anti-aging and pro-health activities is drinking a lot of pure water daily. But what is "pure" and how do we get it? There are a lot of misconceptions "out there," and mis-information abounds on the internet. We believe that pure water is water with no contaminants, no heavy metals, and no additives. Essentially, it is water and ONLY water, and it is provided by a system that does not lose effectiveness over time: a home water distiller.

When you want pure water and a home water distiller, the company that probably comes to your mind first is Waterwise. The reputation that Waterwise has developed through the years and the quality of Waterwise distillers and Showerwise filters are unsurpassed in the water purification industry. If you want the purest water available and a quality home distiller, you need to be Waterwise!

Waterwise Products

Waterwise provides various water distillers, shower filters, storage containers, and accessories to meet the needs of individuals, large families and even larger groups like gyms, offices, or day care centers. Anyone who knows anything about good health MUST know that distilled water is the only water we should drink! And the best and most affordable way to do this is to distill our own water in our homes. Here are some popular home distilling and shower filtering products and accessories:

  Waterwise 4000 Distiller

Waterwise Model 4000

Compact and portable, perfect for traveling!
  Waterwise 8800

Waterwise Model 8800

Compact, programmable, and filter change notification.
  Waterwise 9000

Waterwise Model 9000

Space-saving, contemporary design
  Waterwise 1600

Waterwise Model 1600

Can be used on kitchen or wood-burning stove, propane grill, and even a campfire!
  Showerwise filter

Showerwise Shower Filter

Effectively removes chlorine and other harmful contaminants.
  Airwise Air Purifier

Airwise Air Purifier

Removes allergens, pollutants, dust and VOC's from your air.



Why Distilled Water?

During our search for the right kind of drinking water, we learned so much. And once we got associated with Waterwise, we learned even more! The information they provide from outside sources is amazing. Many companies provide their own research on why you should use their products. Doctors, nurses, and health enthusiasts around the world know that distilled water is the ultimate in pure water and a necessity to great health. Shouldn't it be available in your home? As well, individuals who switched to distilled water have testimonies of improved symptoms and improved health. Whether you have health problems, or want to prevent them, start drinking distilled water today and you are on your way to a better future! Here is some information to help you decide which water is best for you:

Comparison of Different Types of Water

Home Distilled Water vs Bottled Water

Benefits of Drinking Water

Dangers of Fluoride

Practical Uses of Distilled Water

Want more info?

For more information about water quality, including information about private wells, you should read this guide from the Environmental Protection Agency. It takes a while to download, but it is a great read: http://www.epa.gov/safewater/wot/pdfs/book_waterontap_full.pdf


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